Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walking Down Memory Lane

Oh how I miss London!  Usually I am there in the Springtime but not this year.  Instead I went the week before Christmas with my friend Jackie.  We had so much fun and it was great to be there when all the decorations are up.  But, now that it is spring and everything is blooming, I miss walking through Hyde Park, eating Ben's Cookies, taking in a play, browsing the markets and indulging at high tea.  Those times were made more special because I was spending it with family and friends. So, I decided to do a blog post and take a walk down memory lane.
Mom and I at 221B Baker Street, pretending to be Sherlock and Watson. :)

Fish and Chips at the Bear and Staff Pub in Leicester Square

 Loran and I at the Marquis of Westminster Pub in Victoria, celebrating Tween Day
(the day in between our birthdays)

Yummy!  Ben's, my favorite cookies in the world!

Ray, Jackie and I having dinner at ASK in Paddington

Jackie and I having High Tea at the Dorchester

Dinner at the Victoria Pub in Paddington with mom, Eric and Ryan

Mom and I having High Tea at the Ritz

Mom in front of Raffles, Paddington.  Our favorite neighborhood cafe.

Gina heading down to the Ministry of Magic. :)

At Buckingham Palace, happy to be back in London

Gina, Loran and I enjoying Champagne High Tea at Brown's.

A toast to London and to all the family and friends that have made it special!


Lita said...

Awwww ... I felt like I went down nostalgic, memory lane with you. You compiled the perfect set of pics to portray your fun time there beside your beloveds, some of whom I feel I know based solely on the pics you post, lol =)

Laura said...

Thanks! One of these days you will have to go to London with me! :)