Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daughters of Poseidon

Daughters of Poseidon

What better way to start the Merry Month of May than a Creative Saturday with the lovely Lita! We left at 6am and headed up to Jupiter to Blowing Rocks Beach where our goal was to take images of us in various costumes to use as stock in our digital art pieces.
The scenery at Blowing Rocks Beach is one we will definitely come back to for more shoots.

We also did some impromptu portraits. 

We accomplished our goal of shooting stock but today ended up much more unexpected and organic than we had planned. Somehow, we ended up IN the water.

I was fine with being in the water as long as my hair didn't get wet. The sea other plans for us!
We laughed a lot as we usually do when we are together!

We suffered for our art: Lita got scraped and cut from the rocks and I sprained my toe and could hardly walk but troopers that we are, we continued onward to John D. MacArthur State Park where we took more stock photos and where I got a bit silly and did a jig on top of a picnic table despite the foot pain:
This picture truly expresses the joy that I had today getting to spend some time with Lita AND feeding my creative soul!  The day totally warranted a little dance of happiness! 


Lita said...

I *LOVE* your summary of the day and the corresponding pics! It's evident how much fun we have together, and I'm so glad we have these pics and stories to reflect back on in years to come. That one of you doing that fun-loving dance on the picnic table so cracks me up and it makes me happy to look at and remember :) Amazing you were still able to do that despite your foot injury!

Laura said...

It was such a great day! Thanks for making it so wonderful!

shabby*girl said...

Love all of your blog posts, Laura!!!!!! OMG...I also want to master Chinese painting! Let me know how you like it! You always inspire me! Love ya, Missy