Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Saturday: Photoshop Pinup

This past Creative Saturday was a Digital Art Day at Lita's! Lita worked on a photo manipulation piece of a beautiful Mustang racing through the early morning fog, as dawn began it's golden ascent. When I left her, she was still working on leaves of the background trees. I know how time consuming those leaves can be!
Once she finishes it, I will include a picture of it here at a later date. You can't rush art! :)
And...she finished it! Click here to see it!

For some unknown reason, maybe it's insanity, I chose to work on creating a Retro Pin-up from scratch. I restarted the sketch four times before I was happy with the outcome. I sketched it on my Wacom but I am convinced now it would have been so much easier to sketch it out on paper first and just scan it into Photoshop!
I made the background a bit darker for this blog, so that you can see the sketch but it's currently a very light shade of gray.  The background will eventually be trees lining a lake behind her, all painted from scratch.

Once the sketch was done, I began to define the shape by burning in shadows and highlights and then further painting in shades of gray.
This was quite a challenge and as far as I got the whole day. By the time I got home, my eyes were burning from staring at the screen for so long and my tendinitis was full-on flaming in pain. With a busy week ahead, it will be a while before I am able to work on it some more. I still have some defining of the shape left to do before I can start the fun part of adding in the color!


Lita said...

I am still amazed at how well this turned out, at it's beginning stages no less!!! Although, I know what it took for you to reach this point, lol. Should I ever feel crazy enough to try this, you can bet I'm bypassing the sketching process and going right for the painting part! I sooo can't wait to see it complete! Are you working on it, or are you taking a break because of your tendonitis?

Laura said...

I really did want to work on it more this weekend but I thought I should give the tendinitis a rest. I am so anxious to get back to it though! Maybe I can complete it on our next digital art day. :)