Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Although not official until June 21st, it feels like this is the first week of summer. As a child, Memorial Day Weekend signaled the end of school and the start of vacation. Most of the summer was spent on The Island, at the Sand Pit with family and cousins...water skiing, fishing, staying out past dark, playing games, and of course, cooking out with lots and lots of good food. Summer is different now but still my favorite season. I love heat and humidity. I love being in the pool. I love the lazy, relaxed feel of the season. Being in Florida, summer includes Hurricanes, but hey, it's a small price to pay to live in paradise!

This week in paradise saw the first sign of little ducklings...Mother Duck brought her five babies by for a bite to eat. They are so tiny right now but just adorable beyond words.

The warmth of the sun has brought the garden into full bloom with the Mammoth Russian Sunflowers finally opening up to reveal their finery:
In this picture you can see off to the left just how tall the sunflowers have gotten, currently about eight feet high! I have about six currently waiting for bloom. I've only cut two for the house and the rest will be left in the garden so the birds can enjoy the seeds.
While taking my self portraits, Charlie came out, grabbed the camera and told me to "work it" which made me laugh and be all embarrassed. Although his pics are always a bit blurry (poor guy), I love this one because it shows that true happiness and laughter he is always capable of bringing out of me:

The Stargazer Lily is in full bloom and the Mr. Lincoln Tea Rose which began blooming at the beginning of the month is still producing gorgeous, beautiful, sweet-smelling blooms in velvety red:
Even the trees are participating in Nature's fashion show: This Royal Poinciana sits at the end of my block and when I drive by it my heart lifts and fills with happiness.
And, maybe one day I will have one in my own yard as Charlie brought me back a seed pod from this tree today which he picked up during his run.

My heart also soared this week when I went to my mailbox and discovered a surprise package of goodies from my friend Phoebe:
It's always great to get a surprise the old fashioned mail! So, thank you Phoebe!

I ended the week with a Date Day with Daniel. We went to see The Prince of Persia, had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and of course, shopped for books at Barnes and Noble.

This unofficial first week of summer was a good one, despite the fact that I was suffering from a sinus infection and had to get a cortisone shot for Tendinitis. Two small little setbacks in an otherwise perfectly beautiful week.  Life is good!


shabby*girl said...

So cute & Summery!!!!!

Lita said...

I giggled as I pictured Charlie playing photographer, telling you to "work it" and you laughing through it. You look adorably lovely, especially in that top pic! Yay that you got to see the first batch of baby ducklings! I'm glad they survived the hatching stage ... and will cross my fingers they survive into adulthood ... Such beautiful pictures of your garden and of the SUNFLOWER! Actually, I enjoyed the full showcase of pics that wonderfully wrapped up the week :) !

Laura said...

Thanks girls! I actually had to rope up the Sunflowers and tie them to a tree as they are so tall now the pot is tipping over!