Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring in the Garden

I spent all day gardening. I hadn't been able to get out into the yard all week, partly due to several days of rain and partly due to other commitments. I really miss it when I don't get to spend time amongst the beauty of mother nature. Today I planted out the Grandpa Ott Morning Glories which will be a deep purple.

My Heavenly Blue Morning Glories have bloomed and frame my window along with Mexican Flame Vine:
I have one hybrid which bloomed on the same vine although it's not entirely blue but fringed along the edges with a lovely purple:
I also planted wildflowers and lavender along the edge of the yard. I already have a natural wildflower/plant border along the lake. I just let it grow naturally through the grass and now it's a natural habitat for dragonflies, butterflies and a place for turtles to lay their eggs or for the ducks to hide their babies from the ospries, hawks and otters. I thought more wildflowers would be a great addition and some will self seed for next year. I planted out Jalapeno and Cayenne pepper today. And, I got my first bloom on my Mister Lincoln Tea Rose bush:
It's a bit battered from the storms this week but the deep scent of traditional rose is still heavenly. With all the rain, my fern that sits in a corner of the butterfly garden has really greened up and has become much fuller.

The butterflies have started showing up. I've seen Monarchs and Sulphurs. This guy has eaten his share of leaves off the cassia tree:
I've not seen any Julias, Zebra Longwings or Gulf Frittilaries but I've got a few Passionvines all ready for them:
I've got my nectar plants growing strong including the Pentas and the Porterweed. I've seen the little thumbsized hummingbird enjoying nectar from both:
While I was gardening today, a female bluejay sat above me in the garden and sang the whole time. It was so beautiful and calming. Some people garden while listening to the iPod...I feel like that would be a disconnect from the whole purpose of being out in nature and letting all your senses experience it. My sense of hearing caught the sounds of the wild green parrots and I followed them to my bottlebrush tree where they were munching away on the blooms. I knew I wouldn't be able to sneak in, get my camera, sneak back out and take a picture without disturbing them so I just let the moment be and felt blessed to be graced by their presence. Here is the tree they were eating from which is in full, glorious bloom:
Next up in the garden is finally getting some catnip planted so Sami stops eating all my patio plants!
Til next time,
Mulch Love,


Lita said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your gardening tale and am happy to have vicariously joined you in your Earthy gardening experience.

You know I'm so enjoying the hybrid with the purple fringe :) !

Congrats on on your first bloom on your Mister Lincoln Tea Rose bush! Such a pretty shade of pinkish red.

I don't recall seeing that fern, but your picture certainly gives it justice!

LOL about your need to get the catnip planted for Sami!

Another wonderful blog entry, Laura. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your days outside in your magical garden :)

Laura said...

Thank you! I can't wait to give you another tour of all the new goodies blooming!