Thursday, April 8, 2010

Collectible Photographic Note Cards

I've just added a new gallery to my website: Collectible Note Cards!  These collectible note cards feature some of my most popular images!  Each set of 12 includes envelopes and letter seals and come in a variety of sizes including 4"x5", 4"x6" and 5"x5".  Each set of 12 sells for $12.00 each...that's only $1.00 a card!  And, when you send it to someone, you are giving them a unique piece of art instead of a mass produced greeting card and you support an artist which is always a great thing!
The images are also available for the same price at my Etsy store if you prefer to order through there.
Take a look at the newest additions to the gallery:
Exploration, featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Digital Studio Magazine

Transitory Dreams

Whisper, one of my personal favorites!

Bicycle at Rest, Notting Hill

Bird in Hand

These note cards make a great gift!  I'll be adding more to the gallery in the near future so keep an eye out!


Lita said...

The way you display these is art itself!

I like the comp in Transitory Dreams! Brilliantly put together and captured, my friend :)

Laura said...

Thank you darlin'!