Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Digital Doodling and Lots of Leaves

When I was a child, I would doodle while on the phone, as I was watching TV and, yes, even in school classes when I should have been paying attention. I'm still doodling, but mostly on my Wacom Tablet which is the digital equivalent of pen and paper. Here's what can happen when you have a couple of hours in front of the tv, a Wacom on your lap, a computer file full of unused images and a bevy of Photoshop brushes:
My digital doodling becomes a piece of art called "Spirit Dream".

I only used two images to create this, one of a vintage Florida sign and the side of a painted building:

The rest of the elements in the image came from doodling with Photoshop brushes.

This past weekend, Lita and I were together for one of our Creative Saturdays. This time is was a Digital Art day at her house. I brought her some fresh cut Bird of Paradise from my garden:
I can't display them in my house because they are poisonous to cats and it seems a shame to not let their beauty grace an interior so Lita is the lucky recipient!

Lita had chosen a photo of a sailboat to turn into a digital watercolor. It turned out great but I'm still waiting on her to blog about it (Lita...get busy blogging girl!) and when she does I will post a link to it.
I had chosen to work on dividing a tree into all four seasons. I wasn't fully aware when I started just how much work would be involved. As with my previous digital painting of the Phoenix, I'm still working on it.
Here is a little taste of the Autumn section of the tree:

I had to create the leaves brush from scratch and using different sizes, add leaves all over the bare tree. I used about five different tones ranging from dark reddish-brown to light orange to give it contrast and depth.
No free time to continue to work on it this week, but next week I hope to get the Summer section of the tree done which will mean even more leaves in thick, dark rich tones of green!
Until then, try some digital doodling...you just might end up with a work of art!


Lita said...

No way about your digital doodling! LOL - I would've never thought to put that together, nor would I have imagined it came from those separate elements. Just goes to show you how you have such a knack to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The Autumn section of your painted tree is so wonderfuul! It was fun to watch it build up to this point :)

And yes, I so know I need to get blogging ;) Hopefully soon!

Laura said...

Yes! You need to get blogging! And do some digital doodling,lol.