Friday, February 5, 2010

Closeness Through Shared Activity

Closeness through shared activity. That was the theme this week which started on "Creative Saturday" with Lita. We've committed to our creative selves, when possible, three Saturdays a month: One for Photography, one for Digital Art and one for Traditional Art. It was a Traditional Art day...hands on, no computers. It was just us, some paints and supplies and a blank canvas. The goal: to create freely and let our hands take us on the journey, not knowing what our final destination was. Although I'm still working on my canvas, Lita finished her collage masterpiece which you can view in its final stage on her blog.
We had such a great time and are already looking forward to our next get together which will be a photography outing. It's been a long time since we went out together with our cameras.
The theme of shared activity continue to the middle of the week when I took Daniel on his first major audition! He auditioned for the role of Michael, Jennifer Aniston's son in her new movie "The Pretend Wife". With head shot and resume in hand, we headed down to North Miami Beach to Lori Wyman Casting.
It was like one of our date days but with a little bit of work in the middle. The work being Daniel's audition. He had to learn dialog which he had down pat. He was excited but calm, prepared but able to take direction and change the script when asked. When he went into the room to give his audition and they shut the door behind him, my heart started racing so fast and I was so nervous for him! I thought I was going to pass out or have a heart attack. He did great and even though it's a million to one shot, we had a great time together and he gained some valuable experience.
This week's theme concluded with Loraine and I heading down to Miami for a day of shopping, lunch, conversation and of course, Starbucks. I love those girly shopping days with Loraine. It's always very relaxing and she's really good at finding the best deals!
We went to Anthropology and I took a few shots including the one below which I titled "Time Turners". I'd like to think these interesting knobs have some magical properties to them. I think I may just have to get some next time! How I love that store.
Speaking of photography, it was a great week as I licensed the following image which will be used in a poster for a Country & Western Musical Festival in Dublin, Ireland!
This image is going to be used by the Somerset, England Heritage Committee in their 2010 Travelling Booklet!
And the company that licensed my Christmas Gargoyle (which I got my royalty check for last month...that was exciting!) purchased this image to be used in the future on architectural cards.
One final update on the gardening: The Forget-Me-Nots and the Lupines have sprouted! The squash are growing rapidly and a new little baby Cassia tree has popped up in the garden.
Looking back on the week, it was certainly filled with creativity, excitement and friendship. All weeks should be like this!


Lita said...

What a wonderful entry and amazing week for you! I don't know what I'd do without our bonding time, as it makes a world of difference to me ... and of course, I always appreciate the comfort, support and enthusiasm that goes along with that :)

Those time turners are too cool! Now you're making me want to check out that Anthropology shop.

And lastly, how EXCITING about your receipt of the royalty check for your photo and that your work continues to be recognized and showcased in cards, booklets and magazines! Keep the great news coming :)

Laura said...

Thanks Lita for your unwavering support! You would love Anthropology..we'll plan an outing thee soon!