Wednesday, February 10, 2010


When I think of Serenity, the same image always comes into my mind and it's not Frank Costanza from Seinfeld screaming "Serenity Now", although that is a close second.
Most of the time, the image in my minds eye is a 12th Century Monastery, built on a rock, surrounded by the wild sea. A place where ones mind is quiet and working hands scribe the words of God in illuminated texts. Monks roam long, silent cloisters and naves, lit only by the sunlight streaming through tall stained glass windows. Or by the golden glow of candles during evening prayers.
Perhaps, influenced by my stay on that secluded rock or by Loreena McKennit's song "Skellig" or maybe a combination of both, but when I light a candle, I think of peace, quiet, serenity. I think of my time on Mont St. Michel.
"Serenity" was the next Art Journal Journey prompt and although I began with grand plans for the next page of my journal, I ended up sketching something fairly simple...a few candles. The words from "Skellig" filling in the page, texture and paint added. I have candles lit now as I write. Calming, the soft sent of Rosemary and Musk takes me back to another time, another place, maybe even another life.
Closeup of the texture
Finally, serenity also exists not only in the safe comfort of my own home, but also on my treks and journeys. Usually, it calls to my mind, long deserted roads canopied by whispering trees. Travelling miles on foot down the dusty pathways of old is a perfect way to quiet the mind of a city girl. :)
A Lonely Road in Wales
"The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity."
-Andre Gide


shabby*girl said...

Oh, Laura!
This is FABULOUS! I really love it and feel serene just looking at the page!
Yay! It's the weekend! I will work in my art journal tonight...
and finally capture some more SERENITY!
Wishing you & Charlie a happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Missy

Lita said...

What you wrote is a wondrous melody of a time and place I've yet to visit in the flesh, yet I felt transported to your world of serenity through your descriptions and images. Ahhh ... You are an inspiring artist, not just in word and talent, but in life.:) And great job on your new art journal entry and texture -- another creative gem!

Laura said...

Thanks girls!