Friday, January 29, 2010

From the Heart

Oh how fun it is to draw and's just delightful! :)
My two pages I did for the Art Journal Journey with Missy.
The theme: "From the Heart"

Pen, watercolor, acrylic and markers!

True to life! One fat cat, one skinny cat. :)

It feels like Spring...the weather has been wonderful. Except the "long run" day of my marathon training, when it was windy and raining for most of the 5 miles. This week is 7 miles and I hope it's a good weather day! At least most of the days have been sunny...good for my garden because the seeds are now sprouting!

A lovely little flower on my Bell Pepper Plant

Sprouting Squash!

The Heavenly Blue Morning Glory begins it's journey

Bachelor Buttons, tiny but determined!

Do you think my Orchid is trying to tell me something?
Like, "Hey, it's time to repot me!"
Repotting Orchids isn't easy. Just getting it out of the pot is a chore.
The roots are like tentacles from some underworld creature.
You must gently clean and trim them before potting it anew.

Beauty is blooming, so out came the camera this week!
It's been quite some time since I have taken nature shots.
The last few months have been filled
with travel and street photography.
I realized this week just how much
I miss being in nature with my Nikon.

Photograph of my Lavender Pinata which made
the pages of Flickr Explore this week:

I've always loved this quote and it's the title of my set on Flickr with all my flower photographs:
"The Earth Laughs in Flowers"


shabby*girl said...

Good morning, Laura!
I love your art journal pages!!!!! So HAPPY!
I'll post the next prompt very soon! I treated myself to some new watercolors last night and had fun painting until 1:00 am!
Talk soon! Love~ Missy
Your little sprouts are so cute!

Lita said...

Your art journal pages make me smile and fill me with a sweet spot of happy :)

You and Missy have a great thing going with that!

I really missed your nature pictures, as these are wonderful, especially the sprouting squash. And I like what you said about the bachelor buttons being "tiny but determined". :)

Lita said...

I forgot to add that I LOVE the new blog layout! It's so you :)

Laura said...

Thank you my lovely friends!

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