Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Transitory Dreams

Yesterday the sun barely made an appearance.  But, at the end of day, it lit up my garden with the warm glow of last light.  I was closing the blinds on a bedroom window that looks out onto the Flame Vine and the light was bouncing off a dying bloom.  I stared at it for a moment or two entranced by the mixture of the golden light and the orange tint of the flower.  Then I hurried off to get my camera knowing that the ever so fickle light could be gone in an instant.  I knew I didn't have time to waste by putting on shoes, and going all the way to the garden.  I had to shoot it through the window, so shoot I did.  What I got was exactly what I saw, with the exception of the dirty film covering the window.  I really need to clean that window. However, the hazy look of the photograph appealed to me.  I added a texture and using earthy tones, I found myself creating an image that turned out to be more than I expected.  It was a moment captured, a moment that was now gone.

The light, the flower, my memory. These things are transitory, like dreams.

But I can always look back on this image and remember that last light, that dying bloom and my memory of it.

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Lita said...

Your story ... your image ... Love both equally! You have a knack of painting a picture with words, just as you do with art. Thanks for continuing to be my muse :)

Laura said...

Awww! Ditto girlfriend! ♥♥♥