Sunday, January 29, 2012

iPhoneography Mission #22

iPhoneography Mission #22
Create abstract compositions of electrical wires on a backdrop of sky.                                                         

I have to admit, I pretty much forgot about this mission. I shot some things at the very beginning of the week and played with the images in Pixlr-o-matic, trying some of the new features I had downloaded for the app. But then, Nichole's father-in-law passed away suddenly and I was occupied with thoughts of her and her family. I also was very distracted by my Sketchbook project, which I finished with just a week to spare (photos to come soon!) and also with how little time I actually have to work on my Bunco decorations (I switched to panic mode and got a bunch of stuff accomplished so I feel much more relaxed now). If it weren't for those few photos I took at the beginning of the week, I would have failed this mission!  Not all of them are abstract because I liked some of them just the way they were. :)

And then the rain came...


 Camera Shy

 Pop Goes the Wire

 Nature vs. Man-made

 Fenced In

The Watchers

Here's hoping for brighter days ahead with a new mission for the week:

iPhoneography Mission #23: Find something round.

Sounds simple enough...but is it? :)


Luke A. Bunker said...

Sounds like you pushed through it well. I particularly like the first and second two.

Alex said...

"Pop goes the wire" reminds me of a scene from a scary movie where someone is being stalked.

Laura said...

Love your imagination Alex! Thanks for your comments on my blog postings! I've missed you! :)