Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hump Day Humor

Last night I attended our monthly bunco party and the theme was "You Might Be A Redneck if...".
Two of our players, Nancy and Kelly came in character which gave us all quite a laugh.
Penny, the host did a great job decorating too...what with smashed beer cans in the yard, baby items strewn all over, trash piled high and even a truck parked in the yard and a couch on the porch. All in all it was a smashing good time and made even more so by the fact that I won the big cash prize! Yay! That will help to cover the costs of my next bunco which is next month! My theme is "Mad Hatter Tea Party".  A month away..oh my...I'm late, I'm late, I'm late in getting started on my decorations!

Redneck Nancy

Intimates on the Line

Redneck Kelly

Me, as a Trucker (the extent of my redneckness...I am from the Midwest after all!)

Out of the South and Onward to Wonderland!


Alex said...

You girls really take your theme decorating serious. A truck on the lawn and beer cans too..oh my whatever did the neighbors think?

You do not pull off "redneck" very well. You naturally omit to much style and class.

I can't wait to see your mad hatter ideas. :)

Laura said...'s true, I suck at being a redneck. I've got too much English blood in me. :) The Hatter decorations are coming along nicely!

Samuli said...

:) Your bunco parties always sound like great fun (and the pictures here just crack me up!)

Btw how do you come up with the themes? Does the host get to decide or do you brainstorm for ideas together?

Congrats on the victory and good luck with the next party - Mad Hatter sounds like a kick-ass theme :)

Laura said...

Thanks Samuli! It was hilariously fun, of course they always are! We each pick our own theme...some tend to do more than others as far as decorating goes. The menu is coordinated to the theme as well and each person brings a dish. So, food, fun and silliness plus cash at the end always equals a smashing good time! :)