Sunday, October 23, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #8

iPhoneography Mission #8: Notice the position of your feet.

I had a hard time remembering to "notice the position" of my feet. Unless my feet were in the act of doing something, where they were the star of the moment, so to speak, I completely forgot about them. Maybe it's because I've lived with these feet for 46 years. Maybe it's because my feet always hurt and I've gotten good at ignoring the pain. Whatever the reason, feet are feet and unless you have a foot fetish, they ain't nothing to write home, or in this case, blog about. But, here ya go weekend as told by my feet!

Morning Coffee

Out for a Morning Run

Pool Soak

Driving Miss Laura
(I just noticed as I posted this...the date on this image is the date Alice passed away, my husband's birthday. Every other time I've taken a shot with this retro-dating it's been "Sep 81". I think it's Alice's way of saying she's here hanging out with us tonight.)

Afternoon Break on the Patio


Mountain Pose

Let's move onto a mission that is more aesthetically pleasing:

Mission #9: Admire the color palette of butterfly wings.


Luke A. Bunker said...

Interesting challenge! Looks like you did well, and continued support on your mission!

Nichole Renee said...

Alice was definitely letting you know that she's keeping an eye on you. How wonderful!!! <3

Alex said...

You stepped right into the challenge. Goofy LOL :) My favorite was pool soak. I have a feeling a trip to the butterfly garden will be coming soon. Can't wait.