Monday, October 3, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #5

iPhoneography Mission #5
Shoot your shadow on a textured surface.

Lens: Matty ALN
Film: Ina's 1969

 Dan Fan
Lens: Lucifer VI
Film: DreamCanvas

 George x 2
Lens: Hornbecker
Film: BlacKeys Supergrain

Lens: Matty ALN
Film: Kodot XGrizzled

Shadow Among Leaves
Lens: Kaimal Mark II
Lens: Big Up

 Sliver of Light
Lens: Lucas AB2
Film: Pistil

Water Dancer
Lens: Hornbecker
Film: Pistil

Shadow Shopper
Lens: Native
Processing: Photoshop Express & Plastic Bullet

I'm lovin' these missions! Here's the one for this week...good luck everyone!

Mission #6: Throw someone or something in the water and evaluate the splash.


Alex said...

ooooooooooooo... I like shadow shopper and sliver of light :) Is that a Target buggy I see?

Nichole Renee said...

Love them! How wonderful to have had the sun to help you on this mission (we're drowning in rain and gloom up here!)!! Love the sliver of light; so cool!

This week's mission? Wow. Now they're getting challenging!

Laura said...

Thanks! My neighbors were out when I was taking Sliver of Light. I'm sure they were wondering what I was doing! Yes, that is a Target buggy! :)