Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitty Cats & Watercolors

Tiny Sookie

Whew! It has been a busy week with our new kitten, Sookie! She came with an upper respiratory infection and an intestinal parasite. It's probably been good for our older cat Sami, as having to keep separate boxes, water and food for at least 10 days is giving her time to adjust to the idea and scent of a new household member.
Sami lounging on the patio.

It's NOT been good for momma however. I'm exhausted keeping this door closed and that one open, moving this cat here, that kitten there. Constantly cleaning up in order not to have anything spread to the older cat. Small moments can be spent together in the same room but with supervision in case Sookie sneezes or takes off chasing Sami, something she does not like one bit!  They have been nose to nose without hissing and shared the same space outside for a bit.  Sookie is pretty chilled out and is so well behaved for a kitten that I'm pretty sure she must have been fostered by a loving human. But,  if all that wasn't enough, on Friday I found a staple sticking out of Sookie's tummy which had to be pulled out by the vet. Ewww.

 Sharing Space. Sami doesn't seem to mind that Sookie has the higher position.

 Her favorite toy is this buzzing, flapping bee on a stick.

 She found a feather and she *almost* caught her first lizard but momma captured it first!

The first few days of trying to get her outside on the patio were a struggle. She was totally afraid of the noises the birds and winds made. I don't think she had ever been outside until she came to us.

Needless to say, this has left little or no time for art or photography..well, except for the cute snap or video of the kitten:

Tuckered too Sookie, me too. :)

Back in 2007 when my mom and I went to the UK for two months, I took a small watercolor kit with me and vowed to watercolor while traveling. I did one postcard and then put it away and grabbed the camera instead. It is a longing of mine to watercolor on all my trips. I restarted by watercoloring a bit while in Kansas. I realize just how hard it is to keep committed to that when there is so much to see and do. But, I did try! :)

But, since I've been back there has been little time for anything other than kitten care so I was grateful when Lita came over yesterday for an art day! Lita chose to work on a pencil sketch of a cat and I continued to work on my watercolor lessons. This meant Charlie was on kitty duty and momma got a break! Yay!
I've been practicing trees...

Next up on the watercolor lessons are grasses & weeds...sounds fun!
as for Sookie...turns out she's a poppa's girl:


Nichole Renee said...

Phew! I'm tired out just reading this! I remember moving our Schroeder from our apartment into our house, and it was so similar: open doors and closed doors and litter boxes. But she seems to be enjoying her new family! (And call me crazy, but I think her new family is enjoying her...)

phoebe said...

She is just so cute! And I love her little meow. And kudos to you for getting back into your watercolor journal. The trees look great!

Missy Trent said...

Very nice blog entry! Wishing you a perfect day! Love n' stuff!

Laura said...

Thanks girls! We are definitely enjoying the new kitty!

Alex said...

Oh my goodness. I can hardly take the cuteness! I want to reach in and snatch her:) She is so lucky she picked your family to be hers.

I love the watercolor journals. They are so wonderful and are beckoning me to try one.

Laura said...

Thanks! We do feel lucky to have her! And yes, you should try a watercolor journal. I'm really enjoying the learning process!