Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is here; March Winner!

Love Leaf

I hope to get one more posting in this week for you all before I leave on my adventures. I have been busy preparing for company to arrive before the trip begins and working in the garden. Yesterday, which also was my birthday (love being born on the first of Spring!) was spent in the garden, tilling away at the earth and planting Marigolds, Lantana and Wildflowers for the butterflies. Last year I planted Wildflowers that are indigenous to Florida and they have never stopped blooming! I've decided to throw wildflower seeds all over the garden and just let nature take it's course! Butterflies are already visiting. I've seen Cabbage White, Gulf Fritillary, Monarch and Cloudless Sulphur. A toad came by to say hello, I rescued both a lizard and a tiny baby frog from the clutches of the cat and both my hibiscus and roses showed off their buds. All in all, it was a wonderful first day of Spring! Here are some images taken this week in my secret garden...enjoy!

 Flowering Cilantro

 Gecko plays hide and seek in a palm frond


 Seeds of the Milkweed


And finally, congrats to Alex who is the winner of the March Giveaway! Alex, please email me at with your snail mail addy so I can pop your prize in the post! Try saying that fast three times! :)


Nichole Renee said...

Happy (belated) birthday to you!!

What beautiful pictures you've already started capturing from your garden! Mine is just a mess of dead stems and musty mulch. Blech!

And I love that you just threw the wildflower seeds to the wind! That's my kind of gardening!!!

I'm looking forward to that one last post before your trip! I'll miss your musings while you're gone!

P.S. Check your email!! :)

Laura said...

Thanks so much for the special email Nichole! I'm sure your garden will be beautiful soon! We get a little extra head start down here. I know not fair,lol. Happy Spring!

Anna said...

Lovely garden images! Hope your Birthday was happy :)

Alex said...

Awww... what a cute shot of the gecko:) My kitty, the mighty hunter, is a terror to all critters when we let him venture out back. We have to keep a close eye on him or he finds himself a "snack" in no time. I hope you had a great birthday. Enjoy your trip!

Laura said...

Thanks Anna!
Alex: Oh yes..mine ate a fat one once that she couldn't digest and we had a $3000.00 vet bill. She LOVES lizard. Her favorite meal. Here's a shot for you:

Samuli said...

Wow, where to start?

First off, thanks for the shots of your garden - I'm glad that spring has sprung there! It sounds like you have a regular zoo over there.

I'd also like to wish you a wonderful and fun trip!! The last moments before the trip are always so exciting, aren't they; not knowing what adventures might be in store for you...

And last, but not least - Happy birthday to my favorite blogger!!

Laura said...

Thanks Samuli! I'm so happy I'm your "favorite blogger"! That means the world to me! yes, it's a zoo here but I love waking up every morning to see what's going on with the wildlife.
I mapped out the route last night...going to be heading up near Great Gable where I was seriously lost during the C2C,lol. Oh the memories!!