Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sketching, Painting and a Little Photoshop on the Side

My plans today were cancelled which meant I had a free day to do whatever I wanted! I headed into the art room to work on some big eyed beauties.

Garden Girl Sketch in Progress

Garden Girl Composition Plan in Progress

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly was just a quick sketch done to use as a practice painting before I started working on Garden Girl. I like my Garden Girl sketch so much I'm afraid of ruining her with a poor paint job! The copy turned out kind of cute! I had some painting issues, having never used this brand of canvas before and the eyes are a little uneven. I took her into Photoshop and fixed what I could, added a butterfly into her hair, some background texture by Jewell and some text. Voila! She's not half bad! Of course I have to give her a name and I think Ginger fits perfectly! ;)

Next up...trying out Nichole's "Birds with Words" tutorial! Go check it out...her work is so inspiring.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Nichole Renee said...

I love the dollies! Ginger is adorable!

And thanks for the shout-out! I can't wait to see your "Birds with Words"! I'm sure they'll be absolutely amazing!!!

Laura said...

You're welcome! And THANK YOU for posting such a great tutorial! I'm going to try it later today!! Yippee!

Tootie said...

Your big eyed girls are just tooo cute! :) You have a wonderful talent.

I just wanted to stop by to thank you for your nice comment on my blog and for helping to prop me up again.

Laura said...

Thanks Tootie!
I hope you know that she is always with you! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. I need to get over to Sanibel again soon!

Angie said...

Your big eyed beauty dolls are beautiful. Your talent just goes on and on ... glad you share it with us. Ginger does perfectly fit ;). Have a great weekend. xo

Laura said...

Thanks Angie! I have a new one to share...hopefully I'll get her blogged tonight! Stay tuned!