Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birds With Words

You can see a lot by just observing. ~Yogi Berra

I created this image following Nichole's "Birds with Words" tutorial. I'm such a fan of her work as it has such character and depth.  Now, I've created my own "Birds with Words" image! Thanks Nichole for sharing your techniques with us! 

In addition to creating this image, I finished the final sketch for "Garden Girl":

She is now ready for paint! Hopefully, I'll find some time to start the next stages this weekend.  I've decided to call my painted girls "Georgee Girls". This was the name I used when made one of a kind Barbie Dolls for high end collectors. It was called Georgee Girl Designs. In the five years I did that as a living, I made over 300 dolls and sold them to collectors all over the world. Here is a picture of me 12 years ago with one of my dolls. 12 years ago! Hard to believe it was that long ago that I was a doll artist. I did keep all my patterns...Just in case. :)

Taken in 1999. Poor little bear is hanging upside down.


Anna said...

I like the rooftop image - nice processing! I wanted to tell you that the teacup treat arrived safely. It's so lovely!!!! Note is on it's way via pony express :)

Samuli said...

Wow - you've been a doll artist, too? There just seems to be an endless list of cool things to know about you!

So, only a few weeks to your trip.. getting the travel jitters yet? :)

Alex said...

OMG!!!! I love, love, love the Barbie! I am beyond impressed. She is so beautiful. You are truly a lady with many talents. Your Georgee Girls are too cute.

Nichole Renee said...

Thanks again for the shout-out! I think your image turned out beautifully! The details on the rooftop really pop!

And I have to second Samuli! You are so talented on so many levels!!

Laura said...

Thanks so much everyone! Anna: So glad your package arrived in one piece! Enjoy!

Thanks Samuli! Oh yes...I have many talents,lol. I am not ready yet for the trip...It hasn't hit me yet because I have soooo much to do still! I'm freakin' out a bit,lol.

Thanks Alex! One of these days I'll have to find some of my other dolls and post them for you. My pride and joy piece was a exact replica of Henry VIII and his six wives from Madame Tussauds in London. I kind of wish I still had that one. :)

Thanks Nichole for sharing the tutorial! You are good at tutorials and should do more!