Friday, September 10, 2010

Veiled Memories

Veiled memories of you dwell uneasily upon my dreams

Oh how I miss having the time to do digital art! I'm currently busy with preparing for a Pirates of the Caribbean themed Bunco party and most of my time has been going into making decorations, running errands and setting up, making sure the ladies of my group are going to have a great time (yes, pictures will be posted after the party...don't want to give away any of the surprises just yet!).

I've also been drawn lately to mixed media, which is very much like doing digital art and photo manipulation but only in a traditional sense. I have traditional art to finish: The Sketchbook Project 2011, digital painting to complete: Remember the Pinup? Ongoing tasks to tackle (My Exploration project) and new challenges on the horizon (Write a Novel in November)...but, digital art still calls to me and I was inspired to create the above piece last night after perusing the new issue of Digital Studios Magazine. So much creativity flows out of the pages!  And, they printed a thank you letter I wrote! It's on page 2. :)  I truly love the magazine and wish it were printed more than twice a year. All the artists that are showcased are talented and inspiring. Looking through it makes me want to do more pieces to submit for the Spring issue but alas, time is a constraint for me right now and not sure I'll be able to pull it off. We shall see! As long as I'm doing some form of art, I'm a happy girl. :)
Have a wonderful and artful weekend!

Resources: The castle, butterfly and postcard are from my own stock collection and are available in my stock gallery at DeviantArt ; Texture by Shadowhouse Creations and Vintage Woman by MementoMori-Stock .


Lita said...

What?!!!! Imagine my surprise to see this come out of nowhere!!! Girl, you are a rich woman! Anyone who can tap into creativity the way you can is dripping with wealth, and I'm thrilled and inspired to see it! ☺ You so have to tell me how you did this, in explicit detail, leaving nothing out ;P LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I still have not gotten my copy of the magazine, but I will very soon.

Thanks for continuing to be my muse ☺

Laura said...

Thanks Lita love!
It was a quick, end of evening collage. I just picked a few images from my files that I liked and began playing with them until I had a composition I liked. I had no preconceived idea, just a desire to create! :)