Sunday, September 5, 2010

Exploration #9: Miniature Museum

Exploration #9: Miniature Museum
Collect only very small things. Store them in a mint tin or small box.

This exploration task was made just for me! Since I am a miniature artist, I naturally am inclined to collect really small things that I can use in my art.  Some things are obvious, like doll house miniatures you can find in a hobby shop but others are not so. Such as whiskers my cats discard which are perfect tips in miniature quills, thimbles for milk pails and even sticks from the yard to make a cord of firewood.
Here are my boxes of "doodads".  The first one includes a variety of things such as images from magazines that can be used as miniature art paintings, miniature presents, string which becomes sailors rope, brads for decorative elements and even things I've made out of clay such as the Italian Kitchen sign that says "Cucina Pazzo" which translates into "Crazy Kitchen". :)
The next box includes all my "spooky" items which I use to make these miniature Witches Hutches and Cabinets that I sell on Etsy and Ebay. I usually make one or two to sell around Halloween.  Of course, I have one myself in my elaborate Witches Cottage and Greenhouse that I made.
Spooky Doodads
Witches Hutch
The wands on top are exact replicas of the wands in Harry Potter!
(already sold)

Witches Cabinet
(Available for purchase)

My witches cottage and greenhouse
The greenhouse was a bitch to make!
She grows things such as "Devil's Ivy" and "Skunk Cabbage"

Inside the front room. I grouted the floor and made the stone fireplace from scratch!
It even has burning wood! The whole cottage and grounds are wired for electricity.

I built this English Book shoppe filled with used books!
It's the decorative piece in my guest bedroom.

A look down into the book shoppe. I made most the books myself and am still in the process of filling it  all up. Some of the items such as the newspapers were purchased from other mini artists.

This is my main dollhouse  My dad built the shell when I was 12 but I didn't start working on it until I was 28.  I had to rebuild the stairs and I added the front porch and all the window treatments as well as the shingles and siding. Most rooms are done except for the Conservatory but I am always adding to it.  It is a 1912 Georgian style home. It even has a porch swing out front! :)

A look at the 1912 kitchen.

There have been a lot of miniature structures that I have built and sold in the past. I did a Shakespeares Globe Theatre with a production of Othello going on inside and a Fairy Shoppe made out of a giant mushroom. Sometimes I miss those pieces but I can't keep everything!

And finally, this week I was able to indulge in my love of miniatures and create a piece for my upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean bunco party:

Jack Sparrow stuck on the Rumrunner Island. For this I got to use
a bunch of gold mini items I have been saving as well as wood from my yard. :)

I ended the week with a Creative Saturday with Lita where we did traditional art. Lita worked on painting a Fiery Fairy in watercolor and I did a painting in Acrylic. I still have work to do on it but I'm calling it "Waiting on the West Highland Way".
She is a Scottish Lass, waiting on the road alongside Rannoch Moor for her lover to return from Kingshouse after fighting in the rebellion against King George. I was happy with the progress and Lita and I had a very productive day which of course, included a trip to B&N for artistic inspiration!

May you all have a creative week ahead and have a safe Labor Day holiday!


heavenly~flower said...
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heavenly~flower said...

I'm thrilled you had a miniture assignment so you could share another piece of your creative soul with us! I'm honored to have viewed these amazing art pieces at your home and given the detailed tours. Your Book Cellar was well loved! Silly me...:O
I always love reading your blog and still pondering the idea of joining in. So inspired by you:)

Laura said...

Haha!Well loved it was!
Yes, this was an easy assignment for me and I love showing off the final results with the rest of the world.
Now, if I can just find the time to finish the rest of the miniature projects I have on deck!

Lita said...

This Exploration Project was indeed made just for you, lol! I have to say your miniature worlds blow me away, and some of these pictures don't give your worlds justice. My faves are The Book Cellar, the 1912 Kitchen and your latest: Jack Sparrow on the island.

I anticipate my collection for this Exploration (which I've yet to start) will pale miserably in comparison.

Your Scottlish Lass painting is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I'm proud of your accomplishment thus far =)

Laura said...

Why, thank you dear Lita! I do look forward to your finds of tiny things! It will be interesting to see a collection started from scratch!

Alex said...

I am speechless. I LOVE your collection! I could spend hours looking at it. My favorite is the halloween one. I have a feeling I will be viewing this post over and over again. Looking at your "spooky" collection has me wanting to decorate already.

Laura said...

Thanks! I love halloween, especially in miniature...each year there are new things to add! I'm still searching for the perfect witch however to go into the scene!