Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exploration #8: Cracks

Exploration #8: Cracks
Map out pavement cracks in your neighborhood

It is a known condition that when you begin to pay attention to something you've never really looked at before you will begin to see it everywhere. You eventually begin to feel as if the thing is out to find you, instead of the other way around.

It's been a week since I've been on my blog. I sure missed it. Being here is like walking into my pink room at my grandma's house. A comforting place, warm, familiar.

After entertaining company for a week I am back to blog about something less than exciting. My Exploration #8 task of mapping out cracks in my neighborhood. I thought this would be easy and interesting. I was sure I would find dozens of cracks full of odd shapes and sizes. Instead, I found that my neighborhood is pretty crack-free (both of the pavement and the drug sort, thank goodness!) so it took a while just to find the few cracks that I did.

My friend Lei who was visiting from Kansas accompanied me on a walk around the neighborhood, camera's in hand. It was three blocks before I found a crack.
Crack with Leaf and Twig

We walked about a mile and I only found a few. But, at least I could give them snappy titles. :)
San Andreas Fault Crack

Blue Lightening Crack

And finally, my favorite crack of the task:
Bare Tree with Rust Crack

The purpose of this task was to make you look at something you may have not looked at before, or to look at it differently. Some of these would make great texture shots for use in digital art so I just might photograph more cracks in the future.  Til then, "Don't step on a crack, or you'll break your mother's back". :)


Alex said...

Way to go... great job Laura! I loved the bare tree crack. Before I made it to the one titled bare tree I saw a tree in your first posted photo. You did a wonderful job turning something so mudane into something of interest.

Laura said...

Thanks! It wasn't as easy as it seemed when I first read about it. I'm surprised I got anything at all,lol.

Lita said...

Leave it to you to make it an art-ful encounter -- seeing things in the cracks and giving them snappy titles =) Of course, one of many things I love about you. I'm particularly liking the San Andreas Fault Crack. Your closing was cracking me up ;P

Laura said...

Thanks Lita! Looking forward to your "cracks",lol. Glad you liked the closing. :)