Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Where has the time gone? 2009 just breezed right on by and now the first week of 2010 is about to come to a close. Having spent most of 2009 traveling I am looking forward to 2010 as a year to concentrate on things closer to home. Mainly, my photography, garden and art. Oh yes, and this poor, neglected blog!
I never have resolutions...not because I can't keep them, but because the things I resolve to do are things I strive for daily throughout my life: to live an inspired life of love, kindness and health and a creative life filled with vision, motivation, beauty and art.
I spent the last year cultivating my Butterfly Garden...it's in need of some preparation for the upcoming season and I'm excited to get out there and renew the commitment I've made to those most delicate creatures of nature. In addition, I've now decided to create a sustainable, organic garden for Charlie and I to enjoy. Limited by space and critters (oh how the coon and rat love to dig up stuff), I've settled on a few fruit trees, herb garden, wildflowers for brewing tea and filling my large patio with a vegetable container garden. Most will be protected from all critters except for my cat Sambuca who last year ate all the blooming bulbs off my sunflowers. But, I'll worry about her later. For now, I have to worry about the weather.
Florida is in the longest cold snap in decades and this has delayed my January plantings of Crookneck Squash, Dill, Chives and Thyme. As soon as the temperature climbs back up to 60°F I'll be able to get my January plants going. I did manage to start my Avocado plant. No hurry on this baby. Even once I finally get it into the ground it will be 4-10 years before it yeilds fruit. Avocado, my friend, you will teach me patience. While waiting for the optimum time for planting, I have begun, yet again, another art journal. To help me stick to it, I've decided to tie it in with my gardening attempts and my nature photography. I've also joined my beautiful, talented friend (and distant cousin) artist Missy Trent in an Art Journal Journey! She's so inspiring and motivating and she will help to keep me on track! I'm not too good with mediums other than oil, but I am up for the challenge of using watercolor...learning, discovering. Missy gave us a "prompt" to start our first entry: Winter. Living in South Florida makes that a challenge. Even though we are currently experiencing colder weather right now, I rarely think of winter when I am here. However, I have noticed the birds plucking the winterberries off the bush. It seems to be a favorite of the Mockingbird and the Red-Winged Blackbird, both who like to sit on a branch and just eat to heart's content. Difficult to get a shot of them on the branch...will need to try a longer lens and quieter shoes for as soon as I step outside, off they fly!
My first Art Journal entry for 2010: Winterberry!
I usedwatercolor, marker, pen, handmade paper, acrylic, glitter, tiny doll buttons and some die cut birds to create the page. If you would like to join Missy on her Art Journal Journey, check out her blog: http://shabbygirl.blogspot.com/
As the first week of 2010 winds down, I'm excited by the challenges I am creating and I'm sure this year will be an inspired one! Next up: processing more travel photography, creating collaged gift boxes and working towards completing my first 5K run!


Leilani said...

Such a lovely entry Laura~I'm blessed to have you in my cyber life. You continue to movtivative and inspire me. With Love, Lei

Laura said...

Thanks Leilani! That means so very much to me! I hope the new year brings you tons of happiness! Kisses xxxx

Gina said...

Laura, great entry! Did you get the crayons Missy was showing us? This would make a perfect January page for a calender! When you get it done for the year I want one!

Laura said...

Thanks Gina!
I did get the crayons! I think it's going to take some practice with them though as they are kind of getting the best of me,lol! Still, I am having fun so far with my journal!

Lita said...

How wonderful to start your very own organic garden! Nothing more rewarding than eating something you nurtured from a seed/young plant.

I love the baby picture of your avocado plant ... And how you said it will teach you patience :)

Great first entry to your Art Journal! Your journal is so purty!

And how wonderful about creating collaged gift boxes. I could easily see myself wanting to get into that as well ...

Cheers to a new and bountiful and art-filled year!

shabby*girl said...

It's beautiful. Laura!
Thank you so much for participating!
Happy journaling!
Hugs~ Missy

Anonymous said...

love the colours :)