Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Healing

Thank God for Yoga.
It has been the only relief that I have had in the past week in dealing with some sort of rampant virus that has effected my back, neck and head. Thus, sitting at the computer or having a camera hanging from my neck has been difficult to say the least. And in turn, it's stifled my creative flow.
The only saving grace has been my Yoga practice. Any other form of my regular exercise such as running or kick boxing has made me feel worse but Yoga has made me feel better.
By connecting my mind, body and breath together I have been able to stay relaxed and calm through excruciating pain. Calming the mind is important when you don't know what the exact cause of the ailment is. My mind tends to lean towards the most horrific result..headache? Must be a tumor! So by connecting myself to the earth, I find peace in the pain.
The Yoga breath brings more oxygen to the body which speeds healing.
I've been practicing Yoga now for 10 years and it's like a comforting best friend that you can turn to when you need some relief from the everyday stresses of life. I can't imagine myself without her.
I'm finally feeling better, the pain subsiding day by day...just in time for my upcoming holidays! Now, let's hope I don't contract the H1N1 while travelling!

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shabby*girl said...

Hoping to see tons of creativity on your beautiful blog in 2010!
Love, Missy