Monday, April 28, 2008

I want my mommy!

Is it ridiculous to want your mommy when your 43 years old?I'm battling some tough cold/cough and it makes me wish my mom were here. When your an adult you have to take care of yourself and I don't think I'm very good at doing that when I'm sick.

If my mom were here she would make me hot tea and crackers with butter that I could push through the little cracker holes in order to amuse myself by. Instead, I'm eating cold pizza and drinking a diet Dr. Pepper. And I'm not amused at all.

If my mom were here she would have me resting comfortably with a soft blanket and she would rub my back until I fell asleep. Instead, I'm sitting at the computer, complaining in my blog and getting a backache in the process.

If my mom were here, she would bring me my grandma's famous Navy Bean soup for dinner and we would watch some grand English comedy.

Instead, I'll probably eat a can of Campell's Soup to Go and watch Reality TV all night.

And to think I couldn't wait to become an adult!


Lita said...

I know how you feel; there's nothing like the healing and loving touch of a mother ...

You probably over-extended yourself this weekend ... so rest up, drink lots of water and have hubby give you a nice massage to push the toxins out.

Hope you feel better ...

((( Hugs )))

themacinator said...

i totally understand this. my mom held my hair when i puked- gross as it is, i flash back to that feeling of comfort when ever i'm sick. she must have felt the same way, too, because she'd tell me about how her mom changed the sheets for her when she was sick every time *i* was sick.

hope you're feeling better- i'm not sure WHEN we turn into adults!!!