Sunday, March 23, 2008

Memories of Easter

My memories of Easter as a child are wonderful.

Coloring eggs in a vinegar and dye mixture in plastic 1970's teacups. I can still recall the smell.

We did the coloring at my grandma's house. It was always a fun day.
Then, on Easter Sunday we would put on our new Sunday Best clothes, take pictures with our baskets, stop by Grandma's to hunt for some more awesomely filled Easter baskets before heading off to church to celebrate the real meaning of Easter. Of course, as kids all we could think about were the activities that would come after. I suppose my mom had a hard time getting us to sit still in church on days like this one.

After church we headed over to my Great Aunt Rosemary's for Easter brunch. We loved going over there because we knew we would see our cousins, Charity, Brandon, Niles and Rodney. The seven of us would play and have adventures all day long.

The feast was always amazing. Everything you could think of from Turkey and ham, to sweet and mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls, pies, cakes and of course Giant Chocolate Easter Bunnies...the gift my Great Aunt Rosemary always gave us kids.

Easter, as with all the holidays are different now. I think when we become adults our holidays come with expectations that they are going to be as wonderful and memorable as they were when we were kids. But, they usually aren't. There is usually stress, last minute running around trying to get everything done, cooking to do, kids to dress, family to visit.

Now I think of all the things my family did to make sure we kids had a perfect Easter Holiday. And, we were never aware of how much work it took or appreciated it until we grew up and had to do it for ourselves.

I am blessed that they worked so hard to give me those perfect Easter memories.


Debbie T said...

What a lovely Easter memory. I think this blog is a great idea for when you are 95 and a little "forgetful" (LOL) you can look back and "remember"

At least that is what I like about blogs. They are sometimes more for yourself than others!

Have a great week Laura!

Left Wing Lucy said...

This is a great story of how, as we grow older, our life roles change. I think of it as passing the torch of mother-hood.

We all want our children to have great memories of those special days and events, much like we did, only somehow in our hearts we want them to be bigger and better than our own memories.

This is where the stress comes from. It's self inflicted to some degree. But, also it is something that we gladly take on for the sake of our loved ones. As giving creatures, we wish that every memory in those childrens heads are happier than the ones that are in ours.

Thanks so much Laura for sharing your memories. They are much the same as mine, ones of joy and celebration, fun times with siblings and family, and the thrill of the hunt, lol.

At this point in my life, holidays are so much different. My son is almost a teen now and, doesn't think that Easter baskets are for him anymore. The whole thrill of the egg hunt is almost gone now too, lol. Now he enjoys hiding them from his cousins but, he sure wouldn't be caught dead finding them!

Hope your Easter was in some ways as fun as the days gone by.