Friday, March 21, 2008

Finding Time for Art

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday! Each and every one made me smile and filled my heart with joy!

What am I going to get accomplished during my 43rd year?
I would like to complete all my "in progress" art projects. I realized today that I have seven oil paintings started and haven't worked on any of them in almost a year!

I love painting. I love just starting with a blank canvas and turning it into something beautiful. I love the way painting takes your mind away from everything else and you are just left with the flow of being creative.
I love painting most with oil, but I also like acrylic...watercolor, that's a whole other story and needs it's own post to explain why we don't get along too much.

My list of miniature projects is even longer...I've been working on a 1/2" scale wine cellar in what seems like forever. I've planned a Lighthouse, a Wizard's Study and an Arctic Camping scene.

And my mind is so full of ideas that I just want to get going on all of them. But, I really need to finish the ones I've started first.
Making miniatures is a fantastic hobby. You can create these tiny worlds and they can be anything you want.
I once did a Fairy Shoppe, made out of a giant paper mache mushroom! I always wanted a wine I decided to make one. Who cares that it's only 10" high and you can't drink the wine. It's still a wine cellar and it's mine.
Well, at least at will be when I find the time to finish it!
So, my only solution is to make time for art. Find the time, squeeze in the extra hours and get back to being creative. Get things done.
Finding Time for Art...
Less television would be a good way to start.

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Alaine (or Lanie) said...

I missed your birthday :( I'm sorry! I hope it was wonderful! We got 8" of snow up here in Michigan for our first day of spring. I'm hoping your weather was nicer down south!
I'm so excited you started a blog! I haven't been doing very well with keeping up on my flickr friends and this will help!!
Happy belated birthday Laura! You are an amazing woman and I believe this will be an amazing year for you!