Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The 2008 Self Challenge

This is my third time doing the Self Challenge. It is a healthy eating/exercise program put on by Self Magazine. It's to help women work a more healthy diet and activity level into their livestyle. It's also a great way to get ready for bikini season! Click on the title to be taken to their website where you can read all about the challenge. It's never too late to start!

I completed the challenge the first year I did it...faltered a bit the second year and last year I couldn't participate because I was travelling in the UK for two of the three months.

I'm currently on my fourth week of the three month program. For me, it's not about losing any weight really but reducing my body fat which likes to hang out on the hips and tummy areas, to add overall toning and to help me control my food portions.

So far, I've lost 1lb., 1/2% of my body fat, 1 inch on the waist and thighs. I've also reduced my girth by 1 inch but have only taken a 1/2% off of my hips. However, I did see some stomach muscles that have been long gone show up at the end of week three...I'm pretty excited by that!

I'm not someone who loves to exercise. I really have to motivate myself to do it (unless it's one of my long-distance treks!) and the Self Challenge helps me do that.

Of course, I would probably be further along if I didn't have such an addiction to dark chocolate. The story on that battle is better left for another day because right now I have to go work out! :)


Left Wing Photography said...

You go girl! Keep up the good work, it does pay off in the long run :)

MYL said...

Wooooo...sounds like fun =) Good luck Laura!!

Lita said...

Have you curtailed your dark chocolate consumption? :)

Laura said...

When I opened your comment and read it, I actually had a piece of dark chocolate in my mouth! So, I guess the answer would be no to your question,lol.

MYL said...

How's the program coming along?

Laura said...

I'm still going strong with the workouts and am now on my 8th week. I have one month to go. I haven't changed my diet too much so I'm really just maintaining the weight but it does feel good to get those workouts in.