Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1st, 2013

It started out with a beautiful sunrise...the morning light brought forth the dawn song from a plague of Grackles, who were flying back and forth across the lake, egging me on to capture them in a perfect composition on my little iPhone:

The first sunrise of 2013

My poor hubby spent the morning in bed suffering from a cold. Not a great start for 2013 but he still managed to find something good to write down and throw into our "best of" jar (see previous post).

While he coughed, sniffled and sneezed, I retreated from the germs and took refuge in my art room. I wrote and sketched in my 2013 art journal and worked on a graphic art piece that I started a couple of weeks ago. The piece is still a work in progress and I'm learning as I go but what fun it is!

Still in progress, I have yet to name the piece. I need to work on the background, the forest plants and add some details, like a butterfly or two. :-).

While I did art, Sami lounged in her new bed, soaking up the warm sunlight beaming through the window:

It's a lazy day at Casa George

One of the goals I've given myself for 2013 is to process one image from my archives everyday. I'm so far behind on processing pictures...four years worth sit in files on my laptop! Being a photographer means that I'll never catch up. I've accepted that but I can at least keep up with the images I take in 2013 and revisit one image from the archives each day. By the end of the year I'll have 365 images done! That seems doable. So here is the first one, taken in 2010:

Just One

This year, Lita and I are recording all our bird sightings each day on eBird. My count today:

50 Grackles
3 Painted Buntings (2 male, one female)
1 Palm Warbler
3 White-winged Doves
2 Mourning Doves
7 Muscovy Ducks
1 Northern Mockingbird

That's it! Day one of 2013 is done. A sore throat has come upon me as I write this (glares at sick hubby). Hopefully my creative train won't be sidetracked by an illness. Fingers crossed, knocking on fake wood.
Oh...and, pat on the back...I blogged two days in a row!


heavenly~flower said...

Yay for you! I love reading about your creative days and happenings. Well wishes to Charlie and you be well too!!

Lita said...

Oh Laura! I love this posting and am so happy to read your blogs, as they make me feel like I'm experiencing and appreciating your world, right next to you. Your newest digital art piece that's still in the works is rocking my socks off! WOW! And I hope your cold is short lived - mine better be gone by the time I head into the arctic-like climate of Vermont.

phoebe said...

I love your photo archive idea...seems so do-able as one a day! Congrats on blogging two days in a row :) And stay well, we have lots to do at the end of the month y'know!

Vicki Dvorak said...

You are so talented, Laura, and it was fun reading about your goals for 2013 ... very inspiring!

Did you illustrate your beautiful illustration digitally or did you use colored pencils? I've never seen such brilliant colors from colored pencils! :)

Laura said...

Thanks girls for all your comments! Lita, I hope you feel better soon! Vicki, I colored the illustration digitally using textures I made. Some of the textures are from ink bleed and others are photographs of fabric. Picking out the textures and seeing how they will work on the drawing has been the most surprising and fun!