Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here We Go Again!

Ah! It's here! Another year, another chance to keep a creative train on track.

Are we ready out there? Have you made your dream/visualization board? Or perhaps your a list maker, using pretty gel pens to write out all the goals that have been whispering into your ear this past year. Is your camera ready to capture all the magic that unfolds each and everyday right before your eyes? Are your journals ready? A blank, white page begging to be messed up with pencil, ink, watercolor, paper and glue? Or maybe your creative goals are with music, dance, programming or any other endeavor that gets you into the flow of creation. Whatever they may be, it's a new beginning, a chance to dream big, a reminder that life is worth living because we have so much we want to do!

I spent today getting ready, preparing my art room, my camera, my journals, my lists:

I love a new journal!

My hubby and I will be dropping a little snippet about the best part of our day into this jar throughout 2013. At the end of the year, we will read them and be reminded of what a wonderful year it was!

My dream/visualization board for 2013, with room for additions!

What does one do when there are many interests, hobbies and creative pursuits? Well, roll a die of course!

This is just one way to keep creativity kickin'!

Of course, there are always non-creative goals as well (eat healthy and exercise, the old standards) and blogging more consistently is one of those goals. Sharing more of my photos, art and of myself.  I'm ready! Bring on 2013!


Nichole Renee said...

So awesome and inspiring! This will be a great year of creativity for us! I think it's one of the most organized, at least! Ha ha!

Can't wait to see where our creative pursuits take us!!

Floyd V. Doc DeVore said...

What a great idea about the jar!

phoebe said...

Yay to all of it! You're getting my creative juices going this morning.

Luke A. Bunker said...

Love! That is all. :-)

Lita said...

Your daily journal is SO inspiring and I love the ideas you have listed, as I will integrate some into mine :) Thanks for sharing, and I'm excited Charlie too will be adding to the jar so you can both reminisce and re-experience the best of 2013 together ♥

Laura said...

Thanks everyone! So far I've stuck to everything despite being sick!