Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creative Play

Here I am!
I hadn't realized it had been almost a month since I have blogged. Yikes! So sorry about that but the good excuse is I have been very busy taking art classes and learning new things! My hobbies and interests tend to ebb and flow with the moon just like the tides of the great blue sea. As soon as I declare I'm going to do something, the universe takes me in a different direction! After the art retreat in Virginia, my many half-completed art journals were calling my name and I quickly answered by finally signing up for Jane Davenport's Supplies Me and I ♥ Drawing classes after quietly stalking her blog for over a year. :)  While visiting Jane's blog, a banner for 21 Secrets in 2012 caught my eye so I signed up for that one too! 21 teachers (including Jane) teaching techniques in what each does best...that's 21 classes for the price of one! So, basically, the bottom line is I have 23 classes to take this Spring! Whoohoo! I'm the first week into Jane's Supplies Me class and just finished Christine Mason Miller's Word Play class in 21 Secrets. Both inspired me immensely and here is the work I did this week:

 6th Floor Memories, Paris
Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Mixed Media
(I have an upcoming trip to Paris, thus I've been inspired by that as well)

This one is in my Poetry Art Journal and is done in ink and watercolor:

the rain fell
among the tall lilies
ever upon the lookout
lofty with thought
by one, drop everlasting dews
and the lilies sighed
one unto the other

This one was done in my "Memories" mixed media journal:

Springtime Memories of Irises

If that was all done last week, what you may ask was I doing the last two weeks in March and I will tell you...still creating! I worked on this digital watercolor piece for my friend Loran's birthday. Once it was printed, it was hand-inked, matted, signed and sent off for her to enjoy! And she loved it! Yay!

The Naturalist
Digital Watercolor

I loved the technique so much that I created another piece:

Ponte Vecchio, Florence
Digital Watercolor

I also added another page to my Doll Dreams journal:

Tangerine Dream
Ink and Acrylic

And last but not least, I did manage to indulge in my first love of Photography with outings to Green Cay with Lita and to Butterfly World with Martina:

 Dawn Treader

The Dappling of Light

 Piano Key Butterfly

The Whispering of Dreams

Well, there ya go! That should catch all of you up with what's been going on and I promise to get back to blogging regularly! I've also got some projects coming up with Arthouse Co-op so stay tuned!


Nichole Renee said...

We still have blogs?!

This is a great return and a great update on all the wonderful creative endeavors you've been working on! Bravo!

(And "6th Floor Memories, Paris" is still my fave!)

Alex said...

It was well worth the wait although you were missed terribly.

I have to say these pieces were some of my favorites ever. I felt a lot of emotion in them. "Form" was fun and interesting.

Glad to have you back!

Luke A. Bunker said...

Wonderful. Laura! Yes, we missed you a ton - I kept checking your page to see if you had anything new, LOL! I particularly love your lilies piece - you are such a multi-talented person and it's great you decided to share those talents with the world. I also love the one of your friend Loran - awesome!

Laura said...

Thank you my friends! It's good to finally get back into the swing of blogging. I missed it and hearing from you all too!