Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sowing the Seeds of Greatness


Since February started, I've not been able to be as creative as I would like. It seemed I was on a roll in January and then February came and brought with it doctors appointments, disorganization and real-life responsibilities that could no longer be ignored. This included getting rid of our home office and turning it back into another guest room. Everything from the office went into my art room while waiting on furniture and accessories for the new bedroom. The energy in my art room suddenly became cluttered. I couldn't even walk around in there. I spent the last few days putting together furniture and bookcases, re-organizing the art room so that things were more easily attainable when a creative idea strikes. I am finally almost done with it! I can't wait to get back in there and have all my sketchbooks, paints and canvases readily at hand. 

I did manage to find some time to create the above digital image, done using two textures overlaid on top of each other and butterflies added from Dover Clip Art Butterflies. The Dover Clip Art books are great for adding additional elements either traditionally or digitally. Most of the books now come with a CD attached to the back so you always have the images ready to print for mixed media or to import into your digital images. The books range from $12.99-$19.99 and include everything from Trees & Leaves to Art Nouveau Motifs, and even Fairy Paintings! For digital uses, they are very easy to incorporate because you can automatically cut them out with one click using the Magic Wand Tool. I highly recommend them...the images are copyright free and you'll find a tons of use for them in your art. Next time you are in a bookstore, take a look at the selections, purchase one that calls to you and use an image from the book in your next work of art!


shabby*girl said...

So pretty!
I have worked and worked on the "business end" of art for literally days now...not to mention, late nights! I'm now treating myself to some blog hopping time with a latte! First stop, of course, was YOUR beautiful blog!
Hugs to you!
Yes, the Superbowl is on and I'm partially tuned in!

Nichole Renee said...

I love this image!! (See previous comments in Flickr)

And I love that you made it with items from Dover. I order books from them for school, and I'm on the emailing list for samples. I don't think I had realized they could be a resource for artistic endeavors!!

Laura said...

Thanks Nichole! Oh yes, the Dover clip art are so great for using in digital creations! I'm looking forward now to see what you do with them! :)