Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revisiting the Sketchbook

The past week my only creative opportunity was in the evening, when the days responsibilities were checked off my long to-do list. Last year I made a promise to myself that I would fit creativity in every day. February has really challenged that promise!  This week I revisited my sketchbook and art journals. In addition, I finally began practice on drawing my Doll Dreams dolly faces. I also made a "Butterfly Garden in a Box" to put into my Etsy store which has been sorely lacking in new product. So, without further ramblings, here are the bits of creativity I managed to squeeze in this week:

Re-purposed box, hand painted. Inside are five packets of various organic seeds to attract butterflies to the garden, along with a set of butterfly note cards. See pictures of the contents here.

A page from my British Isles themed art journal. This page is about Lord Byron.

This two-page spread also involves Lord Byron, or rather his butler and maid who fell in love, left the service of Byron and opened the very first hotel in London. Browns Hotel served up some delicious tea!

Doodled while watching my favorite show: Merlin. 

My Doll Dreams Dolly face practice sketches. I apologize for the poor quality as I was having scanner issues:

This one was my overall favorite. 

And finally, a whole face! Isn't she just so darn cute?

It was great fun to play in my sketchbooks and art journals once again! Soon, I'll be filling up travel journals!

What creative adventures lay ahead for you all?


shabby*girl said...

She's very cute!!!!!!! I also like your butterfly box! You're on a roll! I just haven't been online much at all...trying to figure out the new D90! Sorry I missed these blog posts. Love ya! ~ Missy

Nichole Renee said...

I love, love, LOVE your sketchbooks! And if your ears were ringing today, it was because I was telling a colleague about how great they are!

Laura said...

Thanks Missy! I hope you are having fun with the D90!xo

Thanks Nichole! Awww, my ears WERE ringing! So nice of you to say such lovely things! xo

Art Expression said...

Wow....nice work. You doll is very cute..and the eyes are very good. I love this ning site, it is a fun place and every body is nice too = )

Laura said...

Thanks Nicole! I agree too...very fun site to be a part of!