Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Creative Artist

So, during the last four stressful months, the one thing that kept me relaxed and grounded was my photography. And, in that time, I discovered something. I am an Artist. My true love for photography doesn't come from shooting a picture, but rather how I can create something visually different, unique and thought-provoking from that picture. I also discovered that standard studio shoots and sessions don't interest me as much anymore. Yes, they are an additional way to generate income which can lead to better equipment and I probably wouldn't turn them down but doing so many over the last four months left little room or time for me to exercise my creative power. The silver lining to all that "work" however, was disovering my true calling. And that is the call of the Creative Artist. Having an image that I created hanging on someone's wall is so exciting. To know that it moved them enough that they want to look at it every day gives me chills! Taking my images and turning them into art is where my true passion lies and now that things are back to normal, I have been creating non-stop! It's been so relaxing, fun and satisfying! I plan on sharing alot of my tips, tricks and ideas here on my blog now that I have more time to write. I've recently started to create my own Photoshop Actions and brushes and will hopefully have those available in the upcoming months.

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Lita said...

A wonderful epiphany to understand and yield to your true calling. Full creative steam ahead!