Friday, September 5, 2014

Round Robin Journal Project, Round 5

Hello again creative souls!

Here is the next round, round 5 of the Round Robin Journal Project.
These pages were done last December! I'm definitely playing catch up on posts!

Round 5:

For my own journal, I documented my four day holiday to Disney with my friend Luke. Done in ink, watercolor, colored pencil and stickers for the word Epcot.

Nichole did a wonderful page in her journal inspired by the beloved Nancy Drew, who we all grew up reading. The Waiting Detective uses book pages and Nichole's own writing to bring a story to life.

Phoebe did her pages based on how she was feeling at the time. Phoebe loves winter, and loves when it snows. Here, her cutout paper flakes dangle from bakers string. Active visualization! I'm sure it worked!

And round the journal goes:

In my journal, Nichole did this beautiful winter scene, crafted from paper. With an Alfred Lord Tennyson quote: "Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come...". The little cardinal is a nice touch!

For Nichole's journal, Phoebe made a map (she's great at map-making!) of a make believe drive in the country, real life places in a fictional setting. What a lovely drive...dear, geese, and a barnyard full of animals! Done with ink and marker and her wonderful imagination!

For Phoebe's journal, I created this page of ornaments on Christmas Day! A permanent Christmas card to Phoebe from me. ;-) Done in ink and colored pencil.

And round the journal goes:

For my journal, Phoebe did a wonderful "Chasing a dream" doodle using only ink. She is our doodle and Zentangle queen!

For Nichole's journal pages, I did an old Rocket typewriter with a page of prompts for 2014 that I created by pulling words out of my word box. Done in ink, paper, colored pencil and metallic markers.

For Phoebe's journal, Nichole used lined paper and ephemera to create a timeless page titled "Fickle Winter Taunts". Final touches included a short poem, corners and framing done with Washi tape.

Next up, Round 6!  Stay tuned...

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