Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Round Robin Journal Project, Round 3

As always, a new year brings on the promise to blog more consistently. I usually do very well at the beginning of the year when my creativity is at it's highest. But this year will be different! I have made more realistic creative goals for this year and I have the Round Robin Journal Project going on which will continue for most of 2014. Speaking of that, let's start the new year with pictures from round 3!

For my page in my own journal I did a piece on adventure using oil color crayons, watercolor and printed tissue paper. I made it a tactile affair by adding Modge Podge dipped cotton balls for clouds. It speaks to my desire for adventure and travel!

Nichole's journal pages in her journal for this round showcased her love of writing. I think a lot of us grew up reading Nancy Drew and I love that she used pages from one of the books. The paper tape adds the perfect pop of color too.

Phoebe's journal page followed the same theme she did previously for our journals in Round 2 by including a music playlist along with some tiny dried flowers, this time from the crepe myrtle. I love her little delicate ink line that travels around the edges. Lovely!

And round the journal goes...

In my journal, Nichole created a tactile and colorful piece with the words "before you thought of spring, the summer lapsed away". A perfect use of paper, paint and words!

I think Phoebe is the queen of doodling! I love her doodles! She did these beautiful, delicate plants in purple for Nichole's journal. So time consuming and so very perfect!

It was near the end of October when we were doing this round and everyone was busy posting beautiful pictures of all the trees full of fall color. Of course, I live in South Florida so I might see a red leaf once in a while but I longed for more. So I made some for Phoebe's journal!

And round it goes again...

Still keeping with a fall theme, I did a colored pencil piece for Nichole's journal that included a recipe for pumpkin soup. I love my little cat. So cute!

Nichole is a pretty good doodler herself! She created this fabulous Dream-Love-Create Joy piece in Phoebe's journal using ink and colored pencil. It's adorable!

I always love it when we are on the same wavelength while creating! And we don't ever know what each has created until we see it. Phoebe did doodles (like Nichole did) of fall leaves (like I did) for my journal pages. It was so nice to have autumn last a little bit longer. ;-)

Til next time, (which I promise won't be too long)...Happy New Year!

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