Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Mixed Media Month!

Hello again my friends!
The month of February is Mixed Media month for my online course with Carla Sonheim, The Year of the Giraffe. The goal is to use at least two different mediums together and hopefully incorporate some of those supplies that we all have sitting around. And maybe even throw some different things at it all together!
I've done two pieces so far:

 Wading Giraffe with Kitty Paw Print
Mixed Media on Canvas
Supplies used: acrylic paint, airbrush ink, watercolor, gesso and paper. Sookie helped me add to it by walking all over the freshly painted canvas and then tracking blue prints all over the art room. 

Giraffe Portrait
Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper
This one is more simple, just using watercolor, ink and colored pencil. I was very proud of myself on this one because for once my colors weren't a muddled mess! More mixed media to come this month! Stay tuned!

For the sixth week in a row, I took sunrise shots, although I missed both weekend days as I was out with Lita birding. It was totally worth it though as I added 7 new birds to my life list and Lita added 8. The La Sagra's Flycatcher that everyone has been spotting up at the Green Cay Wetlands, well, that one is still eluding us. I'm going to try again this weekend to spot and snap the little shyling.

Black-hooded Parakeet

Sunrises 2013, Week 6

May the sun continue to rise for you all!


Missy Trent said...

Very nice, Laura! Love the giraffes! Funny, I've been painting a few elephants and circus themed things! Your photos are breath-taking! Wishing you a fabulous week! Xo

Laura said...

Thank you Missy for stopping by! The circus sounds like a fun subject!

Catherine Constance said...

Love the giraffe, looks like you're having fun with this course... the photos are fantastic.. :)

Laura said...

Thanks Catherine! It has been fun and I can't wait to do more giraffe goodies!

Jenny Wall said...

Oh my gosh those are so good!!

Laura said...

Thanks so much Jenny!

Megan Dunbar said...

i love those sunsets! im inspired, gotta go paint! thanks for sharing!