Monday, October 1, 2012

A Day in Hot Springs

For our last day in Arkansas, we rode horses in the morning and then headed into Hot Springs for lunch and a little shopping. We had fun using our Hipstamatic around the historic district. It was super hot outside and it made us appreciate living somewhere with an ocean breeze!
 The restaurant we ate at for lunch was so interesting and had a colorful past!

Lita convinced me to give a "come hither" brothel look which then proceeded to crack her up,lol.

 Lunch Crowd

Lita, checking in on Facebook!

After lunch, we walked around and snapped pics of store windows and other interesting things we saw:


 Bathhouse Soapery

 Friends Forever

 This skinny bottomed girl had a red velvet cupcake. And it wasn't that good. ;-(

 Chinese Lanterns

 Back in the Day

 Little Red & Wolf

 A bit of London in Hot Springs!

Zoltar! My hubby does a hilarious impression of Zoltar. :-)

After a few hours in Hot Springs, we headed back to the ranch and did our country photo shoot which I shared in an earlier post. Here are some bonus images to wrap up this Arkansas Adventure:

 Cowgirl Lita

The Simple Life

Our last day ended with a beautiful sunset:

And when we arrived back home to Florida and headed to our car in the parking lot, we were welcomed home by a full rainbow:

And so our adventure ends. Two friends with memories to last a lifetime. xo


Luke A. Bunker said...

I love these photos and it looks like you both made some great memories - awesomeness!!

Nichole Renee said...

These were wonderful! What a great trip! I adore the pics of you and Lita on the front porch; they're beautiful!!

Now, looking forward to the blog entries about London and Paris!