Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friends, Flamingos, a Faerie and a Farm

It seems that yesterday's Creative Saturday with Lita was sponsored by the letter F. We decided on a digital art day because we both miss working on that medium so much. With my tendinitis and her wrist pain, it's hard for both of us to work on our Wacom tablets. But, we bound our tendons with braces (hers made with a sea-sickness band...hey, whatever works!) and got down to business. Two friends working on different images side-by-side, a second eye to check for composition and color, to encourage the path and to laugh off the pain. Lita worked on a faerie and I worked on (and finished!!) two images. One was a textural work of an old, run down farm (Nichole, that one is for you!) and the other was born from a dream...a flock of flamingos in the misty morning swamp.

Flamingo Dream
Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

The flamingos started out as an image in a dream I had which I then started as a watercolor. I scanned the watercolor into Photoshop and painted more flamingos and used brushes and textures to make the dream into reality. This is pretty much what it looked like in my dream, although it was more faded and distant. This is the second piece I've created from a dream I had. The first was this piece:

Patches & Crow
Mixed Media on Canvas

Dreams are a great source of inspiration! Now, If I could only remember more of them!

For my second image, I wanted to create a take on Andrew Wyeth's painting Christina's World but when I started working on it, I didn't want to add any figures to it. I like the scene just as a landscape. So with textures and brushes by Distressed Textures, I went to work creating a painting-like image. I was quite happy with the result and it didn't even take me that long!

Lost Summers of My Youth

Of course we couldn't have a Creative Saturday without stopping by Barnes & Noble for a little inspiration. I picked up this great watercolor book called Watercolor Secrets 200 tips and techniques for painting the easy way by Robin Berry. Her work is amazing. If you like watercolor you won't be disappointed with this book.

Have an awesome weekend everyone and remember to take some time to be creative!


Nichole Renee said...

Love it!! So glad you got to have another creative Saturday! "Lost Summers of My Youth" just became a new favorite, of course!!

phoebe said...

Everything that you posted is wonderful but I really love that last! And yeah, Barnes and Noble of course ;-) Just so long as you stick to $60 or less, ha, ha!

Laura said...

Thanks girls!
Haha Phoebe! I did spend less than $60! Yay!LOL!

Catherine... said...

Hi Laura,
These are fabulous. Wow, I can never remember my dreams. love all three for different reasons. Especially love the little house in the prairie, I would have fun doing that place long as I didn't have to get on the roof... :)

Tammie Lee said...

all your art is wonderful
the first is dreamy with the softness and the colors are like candy for my eyes.

i love the bird on her hat in the second one.

the photograph begs to be walked into.

so lovely to stop by.

Laura said...

Thanks so much Catherine and Tammie!