Saturday, May 5, 2012

Color Challenge: Hot Pink, Lime Green & Black

Ah, the 1980's. Preppy polo's in hot pink, Converse in lime green and who can forget black and white knee high socks worn on our arms instead of our legs as we headed out to the roller rink or attempted to break dance? I'm hosting a Color Challenge this week and challenging all you artsy & crafty readers to create something with these three colors. Any method, any medium! It can be an art journal page, photography, digital art, mixed media...heck, even bake a cake! This is to inspire you to make something. To fit a smidgen of creativity into your week! And, for all those who participate, there will be a little giveaway! Once you have completed your fabulous work of art, come back to this blog post and leave a link to your picture in the comments so we can all go ooh and ahh over it! Everyone who does will be in the drawing to win Keri Smith's cute little book  The Non-Planner Datebook!

The winner will be announced next Sunday, May 13th.  Good luck and happy creating!


Nichole Renee said...

Oh, those colors! I spent a couple of years coveting anything fluorescent! And had I known the sickish glow that my lime green sweatshirt cast on my face, I would have made better fashion choices! ;)

As for your challenge, such fun! Here is my humble contribution:

Laura said...

I'm speechless Nichole! It's an amazing piece! Kudos for thinking outside the box. It turned out beautifully! And, thanks for participating! Off to share your piece now...:)

Natasha said...

Soooooo loving that you created this color challenge - what fun!!!!

Laura said...

Thanks Natasha! You're workshop with the color red led me to it so thank you for that! And thanks for following my blog! I so love your spirit!

Alex said...

Thank you for the motivation. I can't believe I haven't posted anything since December:(

Oops. I closed out before grabbing a link.