Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Baltimore to Annapolis Trail

Greetings! I am off on another adventure! Enjoying the Springtime beauty of the East Coast. Yesterday was a most glorious day. The kind of day you want if you are our walking a trail with your camera in tow. Bright blue skies, a golden sun pushing her rays through marshmallow clouds. Dappled light falling lightly across your path. Wildflowers showing off their colors. After trekking the Cumbria Way mostly in rain, this day was one I had been dreaming about and it was a perfect day to explore part of the Baltimore to Annapolis trail.

Smelling the Wisteria
(Pic by Missy)

The air was scented with the sweet perfume of Wisteria. It grew wild everywhere, draping the trees with purple blooms. I plucked some and pressed them into my travel journal. A reminder of this beautiful day.

Kingly Fence

Through the Pink


Puddle Impressions

Nature's Art

The challenge for me this time is to shoot without my beloved 18-135mm. It had stopped working during the Cumbria Way and with no time to order a new one, I arrived to Maryland with just a couple of prime lenses. My challenge over the next couple of weeks will be shooting with the 50mm and my wide angle, the 10-20mm. So far, I haven't missed the zoom but I have a feeling I will today when I arrive into DC. I will miss it when I shoot street photography. Hopefully, the 50mm will satisfy me. We shall see...stay tuned!


Nichole Renee said...

I first opened this at work (where I was unable to post a comment--jerks). It was just what I needed! Sitting there, confined to a room with NO windows, your pictures were a springtime oasis.

Beautiful, beautiful work! Enjoy the second leg of your vacation!

Anna said...

Your photos are delightful! Especially given the fact that we woke up to a dusting of snow this am :( Glad that you have beautiful flowers at your fingertips. What a blessing!

shabby*girl said...

I blogged this morning! Are you surprised?!!!!!!
I hope that you girls had fun yesterday! Can't wait to see your pics! I got the laundry done. Will have a creative day here and look forward to seeing you again on Saturday! Hugs!