Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Flower Faerie & A Rainbow

Flower Pot Faerie

I made this Flower Pot Faerie for Lita for Christmas. She and I both love Faeries and butterflies. Purple is her favorite color. We are full of promise for living an artful and creative life for 2011 so I thought it was a perfect combination of all those components. Here is a short little tutorial on how you can make your own one of a kind Flower Pot Faerie. She will inspire you all year long!

Materials: 1 small terracotta pot
                Various decorative papers in your favorite colors, torn into small pieces
                Matching decorative ribbon and fabric flowers
                Mod Podge
                Gel Medium
                Fabric Glue
                Stamp pad in matching colors
                Fabric Butterflies or Butterfly Stickers
                Faerie Ornament
                Small silk flowers
                Acrylic Paint, matching paper colors 
                Spanish Moss
                Floral Foam
                Pot Critter 

Using Mod Podge, adhere paper pieces to the pot, overlapping as you go. Let dry. 
Once the papers are dry, add some watered down acrylic paint over the paper in various areas. Wipe off lightly with wet paper towel. This leaves some of the paint behind but still allows the paper to show through.
Once dry, apply a light layer of Gel Medium. Print out inspiring words on the computer using the font of your choice. I used the words inspire, dream, wish, create. Using a sponge, apply some rubber stamp ink to the words to age them a bit. Apply them to the papered pot with Mod Podge. When dry, coat the entire papered area with one more layer of Gel Medium and add a few fabric flowers or bows to finish it off.

Paint the lip of the pot with acrylic paint. When dry, glue decorative ribbon around the lip of the pot and tie twine right underneath. Push Floral Foam into the bottom of the pot. Position your Faerie Ornament into the foam and top with Spanish Moss. Add a pot critter (in this piece I added a frog) and some small silk flowers to one side. Tie thin wire around a paper or fabric butterfly and stick into the foam to fly above the faerie. 
Viola! You're very own Flower Pot Faerie!

After dropping off the Faerie to her new home yesterday, Lita and I took a trip to a New Age store, a Scrapbbook store and of course to Barnes & Noble as well as Borders. It rained all day long but at the end of the day, as we were driving back home, we saw a rainbow next to a church. While waiting at a stoplight, I snapped a picture of it out the rain splattered car window. A great way to end a wonderful day with such a great friend. 


Mod Podge Amy said...

So pretty!

Laura said...

Thanks Amy!

Lita said...

!!! Squealing with delight over your new blog layout !!!

Oh, Laura -- I soooo LOVE and ADORE my personalized faerie gift ... She's SO beautiful, precious and PERFECT! And she's adjusting quite nicely to her new home :) I keep looking at her and her friends and it keeps a smile on my face :)

Mmuahhh!!! ♥

Laura said...

Thanks Lita! Can you believe I found a Waterhouse background? Yay!
I'm so glad you love your faerie gift! She so belongs with you. :)

Alex said...

She is beautiful! Thanks for the how to. I may try to tackle one.

Laura said...

It would be a good project to do with your daughter! Michaels has several different fairy ornaments this time of the year.