Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monday Night Football

Images from the ESPN Monday Night Football game of New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins.
The first half was great. The second half....not-so-much. It ended up being a painful rout by the Pats.
If I had stayed home and watched it on TV, I could have switched the channel and avoided the painful reality. :)

These were my favorite shots from the night. Enjoy!

 Sun Life in HDR

Prohibited Items: New England Fans
Notice the sign? ;)

Retro Fan

A happy Charlie, obviously snapped BEFORE the game

Sideline Boys

 #92 John Denney

Tom Brady and his crew...I'm still pissed they have Wes Welker. :(

Carpenter Kicks

Cheering for a Cure.  It was a pink-themed night for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Little Fan

And my most favorite shot of the night:


Alex said...

Sorry about your Dolphins:( I was rooting for them too. I root for anyone playing against the Patriots. Love the shots of all the fans, Retro fan was my favorite.

Laura said...

I love anyone rooting against the Patriots!LOL!! We must feel the same way about them!