Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the Magic Show!

I had alot of fun creating this "mad magician" image. Lita and I donned the outfits and did the shoot the same day we did the mermaid "swimming" pics. I didn't have to do much digital work to Lita and I except for replacing my crazy top hat with a more traditional one which I then painted. The red bow tie came from a costume image off of google. I also used a diffused glow filter over Lita's body which gave her the look of enchantment. Both the curtains,background and bunny were stock images. For the background I had to take out things such as a window and some chains before changing the color. I changed color of the floor as well to make it fit in with my overall warm toned scheme. The bunny was originally coming out of my top hat and that was a little too much. I still wanted to use the cute little guy so off to the corner he went. Magic dust and sparkles were added using brushes and the effect of shadows being cast was done using the burn tool. After the image was together I added a CCTV dirty camera texture to a top layer and changed the blending mode to Overlay and the opacity to 50%. This popped the brightness up in the center of the image while leaving the dark edges of the texture. This image definately speaks to what I am learning right now with digital art...I'm discovering a world of magic and becoming a digital magician and oh boy, is it alot of fun!


Lita said...

I thought the top hat looked different :)

I've never used a diffused glow filter before - that's pretty neat.

I'm trying to picture the window and chains that were once in the background, as I can't seem to place the image since your image looks convincingly authentic.

I'm right there with you about discovering the world of magic, while having fun :)

You've inspired me yet again by your resourcefulness and creativity ... and I have so much catching up to do once my life gets on track.

Alex said...

This photo is definitely magical. I can only imagine what you pieced together to create this wonderful illusion.

Laura said...

Thank you! It was a fun one to create!